[Incomplete] What is a cross-chain bridge


"Blockchain bridges" connect different networks, allowing you to move "tokens" from one network to another. Without them, each network would remain isolated.
In other words, their role is to bridge blockchain networks.

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Cross-chain bridges are decentralized applications that can transfer assets from one blockchain to another. Also known as blockchain bridges.


Wallet addresses are fixed and unchanged in all networks (blockchains). A wallet may have 10 bitcoins in blockchain A, but no bitcoins in blockchain B. If you want to transfer the 10 bitcoins from blockchain A to blockchain B, you would need to use a cross-chain bridge.

The user transfers 10 bitcoins from their wallet to blockchain B, and then blockchain B transfers them back to the user's wallet. This way, the user will have 10 bitcoins in our blockchain B, while the wallet in blockchain A will record the transfer of 10 bitcoins.

You can only transfer the same type of currency. For example, transferring 10 bitcoins from blockchain A to blockchain B will result in having 10 bitcoins in blockchain B, not any other type of currency. If you want to convert to another type of currency, you would need to access the market, which currently is not understood.


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