Edge browser memory leak Video Memory Management Internal

When accessing through the Edge browser, after watching multiple videos normally, it was found that the memory usage kept increasing. Even after closing tabs and the browser, the memory was not released, leading to memory usage showing 99% in the task manager, but it was unclear which program was causing the issue:

Furthermore, upon reopening the browser, disk read/write was also being utilized at 100%:

This was causing my computer's memory and disk resources to be fully occupied, resulting in severe lagging and even a blue screen error with the code: Video Memory Management Internal.

Finally, the solution was to restart.

Today, I searched for the reasons for the error again: most of them mentioned it was a graphics card driver issue, which seemed to be the case because my computer also lagged when using Tencent Video. Therefore, I tried downloading the latest graphics card driver:

  1. Open, select these options on the right, and click to start the search:
  2. Download the first one in the search list:
  3. Install. After installation, check the version number to confirm successful installation:

After installation, test again.

After testing, it was found that even with the latest driver installed, the same issue persisted.

Therefore, I tested using Chrome to see if the same problem occurred, and found that Chrome did not experience continuous memory growth. This led to a new conclusion: this is a bug in the Edge browser.

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