Kiota: Generate API SDK based on OpenAPI


Kiota is a cross-platform command-line tool developed by Microsoft for generating API SDKs based on the OpenAPI Specification.

To provide comprehensive support for OpenAPI, it has chosen Microsoft.OpenAPI.NET as the underlying support.

Supported Languages#

It can generate client code for languages such as C#, CLI, Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, and TypeScript. You can click on the link to see the supported client languages in more detail:


The official documentation provides many installation methods, and I chose to install it using the .NET tool:

dotnet tool install --global Microsoft.OpenApi.Kiota


Simply execute the kiota command to see the supported parameters. You can also refer to the documentation.


kiota generate --openapi --output d:\test --language TypeScript


If the API is updated, the corresponding SDK also needs to be updated. Note that currently, you can only specify the --output parameter to tell kiota which directory to update the SDK in. Even if you are in the output directory, you still need to specify a relative path ".".

kiota update --output .

You can also click on the link to view the client code generated by kiota for various languages:

Other Tools#

  • NSwag is a Windows GUI tool for generating client code. Frequently used
  • Swagger Editor is an OpenAPI editor that can generate server and client code.


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