Individual Flexible Employment Social Security Contribution Process


This guide provides the process of personal payment of medical insurance (social insurance). It is roughly divided into two steps: registration and payment.

It seems that if the medical insurance is not paid for more than 3 months, you have to rejoin, which is equivalent to starting over, that is, medical insurance requires consecutive months, while pension insurance requires cumulative months.


Open Alipay, enter 【Sichuan Medical Insurance Public Service Platform】 in the search box at the top of the homepage, click the search button, and then click to enter the mini-program:

Click the circular button 【View More】:

Find the green block 【Medical Insurance Business Processing】, which is approximately the third block.

Then click the first row of the third block under this block 【Employee Basic Medical Insurance Registration (for flexible employees)】:

Fill in all required fields marked with * and then select the【Participating Medical Insurance Area】, which is the area where the medical insurance is paid, then select the date of participation, and finally click the submit button:

At this point, we have completed the process of flexible employee registration, the next step is to proceed with the payment process.


Open WeChat → Me → Services → [Life Services] City Services → [Hot Topics] Social Insurance → Social Insurance Payment → Payment → Sichuan Provincial Electronic Tax Bureau → Fill in ID card, name, mobile number, mobile SMS verification code, then click login → Payment

Check the two basic medical insurance fees, which are medical insurance and large medical mutual aid, then select the payment base of the two insurances, which cannot be empty, then scroll down, click the【Next】 button**:

Confirm the type of insurance and date of payment, click submit, proceed to payment, after successful payment, you may not be able to return, but it's okay, we can confirm whether the payment is completed through other means:

Check Payment Progress#

Online payment of social insurance requires three steps to be credited, [Payment Success → Tax Collection → Social Insurance Credited], currently we have only completed the payment success, the subsequent steps in the process can only wait for the social insurance bureau to process during office hours.

Social Insurance Credited Progress Check:

Open WeChat → Me → Services → [Life Services] City Services → [Hot Topics] Social Insurance → Social Insurance Payment → Payment Record Query → Payment Progress Query

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