Windows Batch Silent Installation

When I remembered the isSilent parameter used in developing the Electron Auto Update feature before, which is appUpdater.quitAndInstall(isSilent, isForceRunAfter), it means "whether to install silently". I thought about whether it could be installed silently in batches, and for those that are not supported, use automation scripts (simulate user interface interaction), and if there are some green software (Portable without installation), you can specify the storage directory using a configuration file.

So I googled it and found some answers:

Many software itself supports silent installation using command-line parameters, and most of them support specifying the location to install through parameters.
However, whether it is supported, and the specific parameters to set, depends on the specific software, strictly speaking, it depends on the packaging and installation technology used by the software, such as Windows Installer, InstallShield, Inno Setup, Wise, etc., see details at:
In addition, some people have developed corresponding tools specifically, which can batch select installation programs for a bunch of software and package them into silent installation packages:

However, I don't have the motivation to try it now, so I'll just make a note of it, in case I want to try it someday.

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