xLog Memoirs

  • You cannot change your username when logging in with an email, but you can after upgrading to a wallet.
  • After upgrading to a wallet login, you can no longer log in with the original email.
  • Use MetaMask Little Fox to log in when connecting to the wallet.
  • MetaMask Little Fox is only a browser extension on the computer, and there is an app on mobile.
  • After creating a wallet, be sure to backup the private key mnemonic phrase in multiple places, as it cannot be recovered once lost.
  • IOS users need to log in with an Apple ID from another region to download MetaMask.
  • To log in to the wallet on another device, how to manually add $CSB to your MetaMask
  • To connect the wallet with the xLog App on mobile, a proxy is required.
  • Root domain binding
  • Markdown syntax
  • Whenever the CSB balance is low, go to to top up two drops.
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