Bank card account transactions are temporarily suspended or frozen due to abnormal activities.


Last month, my bank card was frozen for a long time due to no income on the card. Then suddenly a large amount of income came in, and I received a text message informing me that I needed to wait a few days before I could transfer or transact the money in the card.

This month, my account was locked again, but this time I was informed that I had to go to the counter to handle it:


When I went to the bank counter, the branch manager looked at my transactions and said that my situation falls under "quick in, quick out". For example, if 10 yuan is transferred into the card and immediately transferred out, this is defined as "quick in, quick out" and will result in the card being suspended. He also told me the common reasons for account suspension:

  1. "Quick in, quick out"
  2. Bank cards that have not been used for a long time suddenly receive a transfer of less than 1 yuan, such as 1 cent, followed by a large transfer, which is considered as "money laundering"
  3. Transactions occurring abroad while the person is in China

Since I fall under "quick in, quick out", their advice to me was not to transfer out the same amount after receiving a transfer. Instead, transfer out in batches, otherwise the account will still be suspended.


I don't know when the control became so strict. It seems that in 2023, the same operation will not result in an account suspension, but in 2024, it feels too difficult in all aspects.

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